Anthony Woods for Congress

It’s time to send leaders to Washington with the courage to stand up and fight for their convictions.

Thank you

Thank you


Thank you so much to the thousands of supporters who gave so much, worked so hard and helped us do so well.

I will never forget your help and your dedication.

Please watch my election night remarks here and read my full statement here.

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Financial Initiatives

Anthony Woods is committed to creating opportunities for all Californians, particularly those left behind. He knows that we can create a more equitable California when we invest in the people and communities left behind by both political parties. Here are three of his financial initiatives:

  1. He's worked to pass legislation that would make it easier to refinance student loans so that graduates can afford to pay them back.
  2. He supports policies that will increase access to capital for small businesses, which will help create jobs in California's 10th Congressional District.
  3. Anthony Woods has fought against tax loopholes for corporations because he believes hardworking families shouldn't have to pay for them.

As a candidate for California’s 10th Congressional District, Anthony Woods is committed to ensuring that every district resident can succeed. He believes that education is the key to achieving this goal and that an investment in education is worth more than any other investment we can make.

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