Sign the Petition - NO on Props 1A-1F

Dear Fellow Californian,

If there’s one thing I learned from my leadership training at West Point and my service in Iraq, it’s that you can’t hide from your problems.

It's this lesson that informs my decision to implore my friends, family, supporters and all Californians to vote NO on Propositions 1A-1F.

I'm running for Congress because we need bold leaders and bold solutions – not more backroom political deals. I hope you will join me and sign my "People's Petition" against Props 1A-1F to say "no" to more political compromises – we need bold solutions to fix California's budget mess now.

California’s budget is a mess – year in and year out, our leaders in Sacramento have been unable to pass a balanced budget on time. Because of it, our state is being bankrupted, teachers are being laid off and funds are being taken away from our kids and our most vulnerable, including returning veterans.

We don’t need more stopgap measures and backroom political deals to solve this problem – but that's exactly what Propositions 1A-1F are.

Sign my petition today and tell Sacramento politicians you've had enough of backroom political deals that don't solve the problem.

Right now special interests like Chevron, and other corporations that benefit from the midnight deals cut in Sacramento, are spending millions of dollars on slick media campaigns in a desperate attempt to scare voters into accepting a bad solution.

It’s up to us to remind the Sacramento politicians that they work for us. That’s why I have set up a "People’s Petition" on my website, opposing each of these flawed measures and calling on our State Legislators to get back to work and create a real budget solution based on sound principles, not backroom politics.

Propositions 1A-1F won’t solve California’s problems because they don’t address the most fundamental problems with our state budget – a broken process, a failure to set clear priorities and a retreat from tough choices. At best, they are temporary fixes – classic “Sacramento Solutions,” crafted in the middle of the night for political purposes.

Now, Sacramento politicians are “spinning” these backroom deals as real solutions that will help solve our budget crisis and protect our most important services. Tell these politicians you've had enough.

On the battlefield there is no “spin.” You are successful or you are defeated. And the consequences of defeat are very real.

If eight years of George Bush, a global financial collapse, a worsening health care crisis and $4.00/gallon gasoline have taught us anything, it’s that the longer we wait to address our problems, the more expensive and more complicated those problems become.

California can’t afford more temporary political fixes and we surely can’t hide from our problems.

I hope you’ll join me in voting NO on Propositions 1A-1F – and I hope you’ll work with me in demanding California’s elected leaders get back to work, and craft real, lasting solutions to California’s budget crisis. Sign the "People's Petition" today.

Thank you again, 

Anthony Woods Signature

Anthony Woods
Democrat for Congress, CD-10

P.S. I hope you'll also help jumpstart our campaign today—contribute on ActBlue, join us on Facebook, forward this message to five friends and urge them to get involved!

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