A Major Endorsement for Anthony Woods

Dear Friends,

Exciting news! Earlier this week, Anthony earned the endorsement of VoteVets.org, America's largest progressive veterans organization.

The statement from VoteVets.org Chairman Jon Soltz reads in part:

"Anthony Woods is a historic candidate for a critical point in history...and
has an incredible track record of service...More and more, older veterans are
retiring, leaving a dearth of experience in Congress on military issues.
Anthony understands these issues incredibly well, and it's important to have
his expertise there in the halls of power."

With the special election now less than 50 days away, we are in a full sprint to share Anthony's vision and story with voters across the 10th District. And every time we present voters with the clear choice in this race – between the politics of Sacramento and a battle-tested citizen leader who understands what it's like to walk in their shoes – Anthony Woods comes out on top.

But to make sure Anthony has the resources to make that case to voters across California's 10th District over the final 47 days of this campaign, we need your continued financial support.

Later today, each candidate in the the race will report their campaign finance numbers. Thanks to you, in less than two months, Anthony Woods recruited more online donors than every other candidate in this race combined.

With your continued support we can do it again – and together, we'll make history on September 1.

Thank you again for your support,

Todd Stenhouse
Campaign Director, Anthony Woods for Congress

P.S. Remember, your support will make a huge difference. Please click here to make a contribution, and help send a leader to Congress who knows what it's like to walk in your shoes.


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