Walking in Your Shoes

Dear Friend,

I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

I’m a veteran of the Iraq War and the proud son of a hardworking single mother. I've lived the uncertainty of being without health care for most of my life. I had to fight for a quality education and the opportunity to succeed. I understand the tough road ahead for so many American families and I know what it will take to get our country back on track.

On September 1, you will vote for a new Congressperson to represent our community.

Congress is full of career politicians who don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. But I’ve spent more time on the front lines of important battles than most politicians do in a lifetime.

Join me in my campaign to fight for you in Washington, D.C.

These are tough times for our country. But I know that together we can put America back on track. I have a plan to bring real change to our district and our nation:

Opening the Doors to Quality Education

I know firsthand the best way to move America forward is by opening the doors to a quality education. My family couldn’t afford college – but I was able to earn a degree from West Point through service to our country. That’s why I've proposed a “National Service to College” program that will offer four years of college education to Americans who agree to give four years of national service in the military, AmeriCorps or other recognized service programs. Join me in fighting to open the doors to quality education.

Putting Americans Back to Work

I know that our economic recovery won’t be complete until we put Americans back to work. That's why I’ll fight for the kind of green-technology training and investment that will create thousands of new jobs restoring our environment, rebuilding our infrastructure and building energy independence right here in the 10th District. Join me in putting Americans back to work.

Creating Quality Health Care for All Americans

I grew up without health insurance, so increasing access to care and reducing costs isn’t some distant policy debate for me — it’s personal. That’s why I will lead the fight in Washington to ensure every American has access to quality, affordable health coverage. Join me in working for quality health care for all Americans.

Smarter National Security Policies and a Champion for Veterans

I’m a two-tour Iraq War veteran who has led platoons in battle and helped rebuild a devastated nation. I know firsthand how important it is to have leaders in Congress who understand our military and what it takes to keep America safe, and who will fight for the care and benefits our veterans have earned when they come home. Join me for better national security and better treatment of our veterans.

As someone who was born and raised in our district, I've lived the experience and values of our community — not the politics of Sacramento or Washington, D.C. I know how high the stakes are in this campaign and I know what’s it like to walk in your shoes.

I hope you’ll join my campaign today.


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Anthony Woods
Democrat for Congress, CD-10

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