Had enough of Sacramento politics?

Are you satisfied with our state government in Sacramento?

Unlike the other candidates in the Special Election for Congress on September 1, I am not a Sacramento politician. I am an Iraq War Veteran and an economic policy specialist. I have been tested in life and in battle. And I have walked in your shoes. You can learn more about me on my website.

I will stand up and fight for a stronger economy, to open the doors to quality jobs and a better education for our local families, to fight for affordable health care for every American and to keep Americans safe both at home and abroad.

Join my campaign.

I served two combat tours in Iraq and I earned the Bronze Star for my service. The proudest achievement of my life is bringing home all of the soldiers under my command.

Watch a short video about my service.

Because I grew up right here in our district, I represent the values of our families and our community, not the culture of Sacramento politics. I was raised by a single mother who couldn't afford health insurance for our family or for her growing small business. And I have seen too many of my fellow veterans struggle to access the care they have earned and deserve. That's why solving problems that hurt families and small businesses in our community is not some abstract policy debate for me – it is a personal mission.

Join a campaign that's grounded in the experience and values of our community.

As a West Point and Harvard trained economic policy specialist, I've worked in both the public and private sector to help create new jobs. I understand that the key to building a 21st century economy is a 21st century workforce. That's why I've proposed a Service to College plan that will help more young people afford college and job training in exchange for national service.

Watch a short video about my Service to College plan.

I know that to rebuild our economy we must view our energy, transportation and infrastructure problems as opportunities to create new jobs and new technologies. We must lower health care costs and open the doors to a quality education for more young people. From experience, I've seen what Americans can accomplish in the most difficult circumstances. I know what we can accomplish when we stick to our convictions, stay united and avoid the "quick fix" politics that have brought our state to the brink of bankruptcy.

Join my campaign to help restore our economy.

I don't stand with the Sacramento politicians or with the special interests. I stand with you.

I understand the tough road ahead for so many American families because I have traveled many of these same tough roads already. I hope you will join me in the campaign ahead as we stand together to put our country back on the right track.


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Anthony Woods
Democrat for Congress, CD-10

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